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Words from Doctors a Patient NEVER Wants to Hear… - The past couple of months have been filled with words I never really dealt with before...words and numbers on paper that PROVE something.  Up until now, my life, and diagnoses have been consumed by words like, "probably, sounds like, seems to be, could, clinically...", with the one exception of my spinal fractures. This has left me in a tail spin.  I was able to deal with previous diagnoses of "asthma, autonomic dysfunction, Systemic Lupus, and even Mast Cell Activation Disease", because I KNEW what I was dealing with before I even received the diagnosis.  There was also a part of me that knew I wasn't alone in the battle.  I had either met other people who were living with the diseases, had family members dealing with… Read More
Reflection and Excitement - Last year at this time, I just turned 35 years old, and was miserable.  I really did not think I was going to even live to SEE my 36th birthday.  My family and I had no idea why my body was rebelling so frequently or violently.  The doctors were at a loss...only knowing that SOMETHING was happening that was neurologic/autoimmune/allergic. My rheumatologist agreed to start me on the mast cell disease protocol of gastrochrom liquid, zantac, and Zyrtec.  To all of our surprise, things started to improve slightly, but not enough...things were still going downhill and with different symptoms, including a strange rash on my neck that we had only seen during an allergic reaction to medications, only I was not on anything new (or was I)?… Read More
Spoonie Goal – Never Apologize, Never Explain -   Living with multiple chronic illnesses, I have gotten into a BAD habit of both apologizing for, and trying to explain why my illnesses are REAL and not "in my head".  This was pointed out to me today, once again, after I asked a question in a support group about how to use Reiki techniques to clear yet another sinus/upper respiratory infection. I made it quite clear that due to my chronic illnesses, that I could not ingest anything (other then the antibiotics that I am already taking), or use scented anything...and I hoped beyond hope that not only would I be respected enough for the people in the group to respond with only Reiki (or other energy techniques).  Some did...but other people questioned whether I… Read More