Monthly Archives: March 2016

‘Bird Set Free’

When I first heard this song, it was on American Idol, and I just had to hear it performed by Sia.  The lyrics made such an impact. As someone living with a chronic illness and pain who has just found her passion in life…I feel as if I  am that bird being set free.  This blog, the webinars, Facebook page, Reiki and guided meditations that I offer are my way of “singing for love…and for me”.  Before this avenue presented itself, I DID feel trapped in a cage my body Read More »

What is a “Spoonie”? 1

My Mom and I showing our support for Lupus Awareness and showing our extra “Spoons”   I  thought it would be a good idea to explain a term I used in the webinar, “Spoonie”.  This is a term that was coined by Christine Miserandino after she wrote the critically acclaimed essay, “The Spoon Theory” (which can be found in full at The Spoon Theory).    In this essay, she describes what it feels like to live with a chronic illness (Lupus), to her best friend, by using spoons as units of energy Read More »

Introduction YouTube Webinar

Here is a link to my first webinar,Webinar 1 – An Introduction ,where I introduce the topics to be discussed during the series.  The very wonderful The Sandbox Shop, who’s beautiful, healing crystal jewelry is shown and talked about in this video (and will be discussed more in a future webinar), has offered a 15% off discount to the “Spoonie” community using the coupon code “spoonie”!  The web address to check out some amazing healing jewelry is: Sandbox Shop .  I hope you enjoy and will continue along this journey of Read More »

Personal Story… 3

I have been called a “tough chick”, “survivor”, “inspirational”, and other positive adjectives that, truthfully, make me feel a little uncomfortable.  Over the 16 years since I have been living with chronic illness that has ranged  from manageable to completely debilitating, there have been many times that doctors, nurses, and “normal” people have made comments about how they don’t know how I manage to maintain my smile, (mostly) positive outlook, and fighting spirit.  They have said, “If I were you, I don’t think I could do that…”.  I always looked at Read More »