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Spoonie Goal – Never Apologize, Never Explain 1

  Living with multiple chronic illnesses, I have gotten into a BAD habit of both apologizing for, and trying to explain why my illnesses are REAL and not “in my head”.  This was pointed out to me today, once again, after I asked a question in a support group about how to use Reiki techniques to clear yet another sinus/upper respiratory infection. I made it quite clear that due to my chronic illnesses, that I could not ingest anything (other then the antibiotics that I am already taking), or use scented Read More »


I’ve spent a long time trying to figure out how to put into words what this word means to someone with a chronic illness…or even to a caregiver… Freedom can mean anything from taking some time alone to just breath, to checking items off a bucket list, to accepting the emotions we ALL go through. We can all take a few moments to just breath…a few deep breaths before starting our day can do wonders to set the tone for the day.  It also gives us an opportunity for mental Read More »

Inner Strength and Courage Through Pain and Anxiety

Just for today…I  will live with courage and passion.  This was to be added to my daily mantras this week.  I had no idea how much I would need this mantra until this morning. Last week, I had a few bouts of anaphylaxis due to an inactive ingredient in a medication.  This caused my body to go into tonic spasms and my body to twist into very unnatural positions.  With osteoporosis, lupus, and mast cell disease, my bones can fracture easily, bones can fracture with bending, twisting, lifting, reaching…so during this spasm, four of the Read More »

Just for Today….

When I first did a “positive affirmation”, I was just a teenager.  My grandfather, Papa, saw that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired!  I was dealing with stomach problems, asthma, knee problems…but nothing seemed related to anything else, and certain doctors attributed my symptoms to just having “growing pains”.  I, however, had enough of hobbling on crutches, coughing at the mere smell of a cigarette or certain type of perfume, and not being able to eat my favorite foods anymore (mmm…eggplant rollatini).  So one day, he stood me in Read More »