Reflection and Excitement

Last year at this time, I just turned 35 years old, and was miserable.  I really did not think I was going to even live to SEE my 36th birthday.  My family and I had no idea why my body was rebelling so frequently or violently.  The doctors were at a loss…only knowing that SOMETHING was happening that was neurologic/autoimmune/allergic.

My rheumatologist agreed to start me on the mast cell disease protocol of gastrochrom liquid, zantac, and Zyrtec.  To all of our surprise, things started to improve slightly, but not enough…things were still going downhill and with different symptoms, including a strange rash on my neck that we had only seen during an allergic reaction to medications, only I was not on anything new (or was I)?

inspirationI was sent by my pulmonologist to Shands hospital in Gainesville, FL, along with 50 pages of my medical records.  The pulmonology fellow walked in the room, asked me a few questions and said, “I know what is wrong with you…”.  In that moment, my whole year changed for the better.  Slowly but surely, having a new diagnosis of Mast Cell Activation Disease along with SLE (probably secondary to the MCAD), put everything into perspective.

My family and I were able to figure out triggers more easily, and they actually made sense as to why I was experiencing such violent anaphylaxis from seemingly innocent items (touching a banana, alcohol wipe or perfume, glue of any type, and MANY inactive ingredients in medications).  With this knowledge, I am able to avoid so many attacks, and when I DO have an attack from something I cannot avoid, I am able to take medication soon enough to prevent having to raise prednisone…this is a huge breakthrough!

The biggest, and most positive change, is that I found my true calling in life and have been able to finally break free from the bindings that were holding me in place.  I am no longer living in “survival mode”.  I am doing what I love…learning and healing and helping as many people and their pets as I am able.

I am continuing to expand my knowledge, experiences, and healings as I help people through Reiki, Guided meditations, art therapy options, and I am so excited that I can now also help other’s find their true calling, as I am a certified Life Coach.

I have also met some incredible friends who share the same passion for healing…age 36 is looking like it will be one exciting year!

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